Choose ROVAN, Stay Ahead!

ROVAN is a leading software company serving colleges and schools since 2002. We help them to use the resources better and serve the students better. We offer the following products.

ROVAN IMS – College ERP Software

ROVAN IMS - School / College ERP Software

ROVAN IMS is a good School / College ERP Software that helps to manage the institution better. It helps to use the resources better and serve the students better. ROVAN IMS is easy to learn and easy to use. It is a multi user system. You can use it as an intranet or internet application. Know more


ROVAN EMS – Examination Management System

ROVAN Examination Management System Software

ROVAN EMS software helps to manage The Office of the Controller of Examinations in Autonomous Colleges. Using it you can build efficient examination management system in your college. We help you to achieve better control and better service. Know more


 ROVAN LMS – Library Management System


ROVAN LMS Library Management System software makes library automation an easy task. Versatile functions, robust design, latest technologies, onsite training and excellent after sales support ensure automating your library a great success. ROVAN LMS is available since 2004 and powering more than 100 libraries. Know more